Hi, I am Phillip Buyondo.

I’m an ambivert who loves to dance with ideas until I find impactful strategies that deliver measurable results.

I have a keen eye for details others might overlook both in life and at work and a deep commitment to my work. (sometimes too deep)

With 11 years of experience in creating, winning, and learning, I’m ready to help take your idea, business, or brand to the next level.

What I can do for you…

Marketing Advisory

I will give you expert guidance to enhance your brand and marketing strategies, ensuring effective communication and a strong market presence.

Fractional & Interim Marketing Management

Not ready for a full-time CMO or marketing manager? I am available for temporary marketing leadership roles to build, manage and execute your marketing initiatives.

Training (teams & individuals)

Elevate your skills with comprehensive sales, marketing & advertising training programs with the knowledge and tools to excel individually or as a team.

Staffing Support

I can help you vet & manage talent for your sales and marketing needs, ensuring that you build a skilled and motivated team to drive your business forward.

Let’s Plan to Meet

Thank you for choosing to work with me! I look forward to hearing your story and learning more about your aspirations. I am available for meetings on Tuesday & Wednesday. Check out my calendar to book your slot.